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Common Questions

  • What can I expect during a reading?
    Each intuitive reading is as unique as each person is. Together we'll find our rhythm based on the needs and goals you communicate. You'll be given the option to start with your own questions or to have me share what's immediately showing up as a good place to start. We'll move through one or several topics. I encourage you to ask questions! If you want energy work at the end, we leave the last 10-15mins for energy work and a discussion about energy work completed. If not, we spend the last few minutes reviewing, wrapping up, going over any action items that will best support you moving forward. Some sessions are very enthusiastic and full of energy. Others go quite deep and can be somewhat draining. Either way, both can be quite life changing, so it's a good idea to consider what your plans are after the reading and be flexible! Sessions are done via Zoom unless you'd prefer/need a phone call, or want a 100% remote reading where I record it for you then send it to you once it's complete. Recordings are available upon request! You are welcome to record the session as well.
  • What post-session support is recommended?
    Hydration! Water is a conductor, so drink up and keep the energy flowing after sessions. It’s essential to stay well-hydrated. Movement or rest: trust your body and your intuition. Listen to what will nourish your body and soul. This goes for any other related topic no just movement or rest. You may need some quiet time or alone time after a session, so prepare for that just in case. Some people have a burst of energy while others may feel tired or fluctuating emotions. Whatever you experience is just right for you. Be patient, kind, and gentle with yourself no matter your state of being after a session. How you feel afterwards can change from session to session, so keep that in mind, too.
  • How does the energy healing work in a session?
    I use all of the psychic abilities to read and interact with your energy. Energy may be in excess or deficient. Energy may need to be removed, restored, balanced, or moved to the right place. More life force energy may need to be added. Whatever comes up, we address it! For example, let’s look at an organ with a sticky, stringy ball of energy. Your body/energy/soul guides me to clean it, unwind it, and infuse it with a particular message or program to run. And say within it there are certain emotional events that need to be released. I will clean and unwind the stringy ball of energy with my mind and/or hands. We'll discuss the messages/information that comes up regarding the emotional events. We will only change as much as you are ready for at the time. Sometimes talking is needed; sometimes it doesn’t need to be dealt with at a conscious level. Sometimes you may need a tool, an exercise, or assistance of another kind to support the energy work. I will share anything that comes up that will help you maintain the energetic work. After the adjustment, your energetics will be balanced and harmonized!
  • Can I set an intention for the Daily Remote Energy Clearings?
    You’re welcome to set an intention! Set it and trust that it will be supported during the clearings. No need to reach out to me to share your intention unless you want to. Thinking, stating, affirming, feeling your intention is enough. Energy is non-local, so it will make it into the daily clearings!
  • What are your degrees, certifications, experience?
    The eternal student, I enjoy learning about modalities, traditions, systems, practices, developing my skills and abilities further, and meeting other practitioners. The list below is condensed to the most known and well-recognized. Grad and undergrad degrees: Psychology, Social Work, & Mediation Certs/trainings/ongoing edu: Medical intuition Psychic development & circles Mediumship development & circles Qigong Practitioner Touch for Health 1-4 Biofiled Tuning Eden Energy Medicine 2 yrs Ayurveda 3 yrs TCM 1 yr Somatics EFT 200 YRT + Hatha & Yin Yoga Reiki - all levels Trauma-informed Care
  • Who is doing the healing?
    While I’m the facilitator and the conduit for the energy, you have agency and self-responsibility! You get to decide what and how much you are ready to integrate into your life. I use my skills and abilities to assist and support based on what we discuss. With the intention of what is the right "dose" and intensity for you at the time and with your permission, we make changes. It's a collaborative process. After the session, the rest is up to you! The thoughts, behaviors, and choices you make affect what happens next, how long the effects last, and what else you might need for improved well-being.
  • What are "energetic attachments"?
    Anything that uses your energy, influences your choices, or causes problems with your physical and energetic wellbeing. This can come from within or an outside source. I work with people who believe they have curses, spirit attachments, ancestral and other lifetime issues, contracts and vows, and other energetics that affect your energy and can have varying degrees of impact on your quality of life. Untangling the web of energy helps you and them reclaim sovereignty, health, and vitality. A Soul Mediation session is a good fit to discuss your situation!
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