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I’m one of those people who grew up with highly active psychic and mediumship abilities who grappled with what to do with them and whether I wanted them. My relationship with my psychic and mediumship abilities had a lot of ups and downs over the decades due to challenging experiences and lack of understanding and support. I finally embraced and fell in love with them during some major personal growth spurts with trauma and chronic illness healing!

Photo of business owner straddling a bicycle on a dock on a lake. Smiling, wind blowing her hair. Wearing dark blue leggings and a pastel blue knit tank top. Background of green trees fills the top half of the image. Water and dock are in the foreground.

I pursued formal psychic and mediumship trainings to socialize, discuss ethics, best practices, and refine my skills and abilities, still honoring the way I perceive energy and sifting out the rubbish. And thus in 2020, Eden Energetics was born!

Prior to 2020, I mostly worked in foster care/adoption and hospice, but I also worked in the mediation and psycho-spiritual counseling fields, taught group fitness, and was a Qigong practitioner. I studied and got certified in a lot of healing modalities along the way. I was finding my groove, my passions, and experimenting a lot.

I would be honored to help you connect with someone in spirit, develop your intuitive abilities, balance and harmonize your energy, increase your vitality, live a more soul-nourishing life, and more!

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Uncover wisdom in your body, heart, soul, & from the spirit world!

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